Powering your business with generative AI

Leveraging our experience from building BricksAI and working with major companies across industries, we now help businesses build custom solutions tailored to their needs.


We build robust fullstack solutions suited for every business need.

Process automation
Create your own AI "intern" to handle repetitive tasks, such as generating reports, filling in forms, and summarizing document.
Internal knowledge base
Create an internal chatbot with access to your proprietary data, such as documents, webpages, databases, and more.
Data processing & analytics
Ingest and process large amounts of unstructured data to generate analytics and insights.
Virtual agents
Given an input, train an AI agent to intelligently decide on an action to take, such as sending an email or updating a database.

What should you expect?

We work closely with our clients to ensure ROI in weeks, not months.

Project kickoff (1 hour)
We will walk through your project requirements, then provide our recommendations on project development, rough project costs & timelines.
MVP deployment (1-2 months)
Within 2 months, we will implement and deploy a minimal viable product to address your most urgent use case. This will give you a taste of the value we can bring to your business.
Iteration & full production deployment (custom timeline)
Depending on your needs, we will continue iterating on the solution to cover all your remaining needs. We will also provide training and support to ensure a smooth transition.

Ready to get started?

Schedule a free GenAI consultation.