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What is BricksAI?

BricksAI is an open-core AI gateway that helps enterprises build secure and robust GenAI applications. We take care of security, application reliability, and observability so developers can focus on what's important - shipping features that drive business value.

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  • Access control
  • Rate/cost-limit
  • Data security
  • Retries
  • Caching
  • Failovers
  • Monitoring
  • Alerting
  • Analytics


Control LLM access per user or project.

API keys with safeguards.
Create and deploy API keys that come with rate-limits, spend-limits, and expiry dates. Decide which LLM providers and models your API keys can access.
Usage limit per user.
Set a rate-limit or spend-limit for each of your users. Protect your LLMs from spamming and misuse.
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Build robust LLM applications.

Never fail a request.
Set up retries, failovers, and caching for all requests.
Diagram illustrating that when request to one model fails, BricksAI can automatically call another model.


Direct insights into LLM usage

Fine-grained metrics for each API key.
Track each API key's costs, request counts, and tokens over time.
Usage alerts.
Receive email alerts when there's an unusual change in spending or requests.
Receive weekly summaries on your LLM usage and suggestions on how to optimize your systems.
Screenshot of prompt test runs

GenAI compliance & safety

Detect and prevent sensitive data leaks

Sensitive data detection.
Configure rules to stop PII, passwords, and other sensitive data from reaching 3rd parties.
Build trust with customers.
Receive alerts on potential biased and harmful language in your inputs & outputs.
Logos of EU AI act, GDPR, and CCPA

Enterprise ready

Single Sign-On and Permissions Control

SSO integration.
Integration with all major identity providers such as Okta, Google, and Azure.
Role-based access control.
Ensure only authorized users can create and access API keys.
Audit logging.
Receive full audit logs of the activities of each API key.
Screenshot of project access control

Manage all your LLM applications on one platform.

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