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What is BricksAI?

BricksAI is an open-core AI gateway that helps developers implement all essential features needed in any GenAI project. Only two lines of code change required to get started.

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  • Access control
  • Rate/cost-limit
  • Data security
  • Monitoring
  • Alerting
  • Analytics
  • Retries
  • Caching
  • Failovers

Access control

Manage LLM access per key or user.

API keys with safeguards.
Create and deploy API keys that come with rate-limits, spend-limits, and expiry dates.
Safely share LLM access.
Share limited LLM access internally with teammates, or externally with end-users.
Monetize your product.
Introduce usage-based billing, credit systems, or subscription models for your AI SaaS offerings.
Screenshot of prompt playground


Direct insights into LLM usage

Fine-grained metrics.
Track LLM usage per API key, model, or user.
Obtain summaries of your LLM usage to uncover insights for ways to optimize your systems.
Usage alerts.
Receive email alerts when usage or spending exceeds a custom threshold.
Screenshot of prompt test runs


Build robust LLM applications.

Never fail a request.
Set up retries, failovers, and caching for all requests.
Diagram illustrating that when request to one model fails, BricksAI can automatically call another model.

Enterprise ready

Single Sign-On and Permissions Control

SSO integration.
Integration with all major identity providers such as Okta, Google, and Azure.
Role-based access control.
Ensure only authorized users can create and access API keys.
Audit logging.
Receive full audit logs of the activities of each API key.
Screenshot of project access control

See what people are saying

“BricksAI significantly reduced our administrative workload. With BricksAI, we can easily grant students access to OpenAI instead of requiring each student to create an account and get reimbursed for their usage.”

Gautam Yadav
Senior Learning Engineer @ Carnegie Mellon University
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“Officially switched everyone in the team to Bricks instead of using OpenAI key 🙌 don't think I'll be looking at OpenAI dashboard anymore”

Zvonimir Sabljić
CEO & Co-founder @ Pythagora

“Their customer service is awesome, they take the time to listen to your needs and advice you, and they are fast in their response.”

Alba Garrido
Co-founder @ OmniGPT

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